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High value foods for health and wellness

Supporting the food and health sectors

Nutrigenomics New Zealand has developed world class expertise, facilities, products and services to serve the food and health sectors through:

Bioactive foods

  • Analysis of fresh and processed food, ingredients and beverages for the identification, levels and effectiveness of bioactive components that affect human health

Health claims

  • Developing systematic reviews to a standard acceptable for the 2013 FSANZ Nutrition, Health and Related Claims regulation
  • Conducting clinical trials that test food effects with selected individuals to demonstrate efficacy of the food-health claim in a cost-effective manner

Health biomarkers

  • Identification and validation of compounds (in tissues, blood or fluids) that reflect a disease or wellness state
  • Genetic screening for predisposition and occurrence of inflammatory diseases

Personalised nutrition

  • Using our knowledge to support clinicians in their advice to their clients, based on knowledge of their genotype
  • Dietary indications for population health and wellness

'Nutrigenomics' defined

Nutrigenomics is the field of science that defines the relationship between diet and our genetically-determined response (and predisposition) to it. We know for example that our genes influence dietary preferences and tolerances. Conversely, we are now beginning to understand how dietary components influence the expression of genes that modulate our physiological response to the food we eat. Many foods are now identified as having direct health benefits in addition to their nutritional value.