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Food knowledge

The partners in Nutrigenomics New Zealand have considerable knowledge and experience in a wide range of food categories, including meat, dairy, seafood, fruit, vegetables and grains. Our combined links with each sector are strong and productive, encompassing the value chain from new varieties to fresh production, processing, packaging, storage and distribution.

The VitalVegetables® programme is a current example of comprehensive science backing a branded consumer initiative in collaboration with the food production sector.

Plant and Food Research, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, hosts the Food Composition Database. This is the largest and most comprehensive collection of nutrient data in New Zealand, providing up-to-date nutrient values for foods commonly consumed here. It contains nutrient information on more than 2600 foods including moisture, ash, carbohydrate, protein, fat, cholesterol, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fibre. Accredited laboratories in New Zealand and Australia are used to analyse these nutrients in the foods. 


  • dietary assessment
  • nutrition surveys and research
  • development of nutrition policies and guidelines
  • product analyses and labelling, and 
  • nutrition claims

Health states

We can guide food companies through the known effects of food on general health and wellbeing, as well as those foods that may have a remedial effect on those who carry some burden of disease. Nutrigenomics New Zealand has specialized in IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease) but our knowledge can easily be applied to other inflammatory and auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, psioriasis, asthma, Type 1 diabetes, ankylosing spondylitis and some cancers.