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  • Most accessed papers on Molecular Nutrition and Food Research

    Two papers by Nutrigenomics New Zealand were among the most accessed papers on the online Molecular Nutrition and Food Research Journal.

  • Broccoli's one-two punch to fight cancer

    Laboratory and clinical studies have shown that eating cruciferous vegetables (which includes cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower) can aid in cancer prevention. Sulforaphane appears to be the key compound in these vegetables which gives them anti-cancer activity, and it is particularly abundant in broccoli.

  • Broccoli and blueberries may improve gut health

    Broccoli and blueberries may have positive effects for those suffering with digestive problems, new research suggests.

  • Nutrigenomics for companion animals

    World-wide pets are increasingly considered to be more than simply animals sharing our homes, and are now often regarded as members of the family. “Humanisation” of our pets is common place - pets face the same nutritional maladies as humans (i.e., obesity, diabetes and related diseases) and are living longer.

  • Singing songs of science

    When he’s not working on understanding how foods affect Inflammatory Bowel Diseases or trying to unravel the mysteries of nutrition and epigenetics, AgResearch scientist Dr Matthew Barnett can be found penning ditties to help communicate the value of science to a more general audience.