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Anti-inflammatory diet –and nutritional genomics tools - to be put to the test

1st November, 2011

Nutrigenomics New Zealand have launched a new pilot study to examine how feasible it is for New Zealanders to change their diet, and also test how well nutritional genomics tools perform in detecting relatively subtle changes in health status. We are designing an anti-inflammatory diet that emphasises a number of foods that are important to the New Zealand economy. From an initial 60 volunteers around Auckland, we will select 30 trial participants, based on preliminary markers of health. They will be randomly separated into two groups. To one group we will offer limited access to nutritionists and food supplements, and to the other group we will provide full support to encourage the continuation of their diet, as well as education on why these foods are beneficial. We wish to see how much outside influence participants need in order to stay on an altered diet for an extended period of time. We also wish to check the relative sensitivity of nutrigenomic tools, in comparison to currently used biomarkers of health or disease. The results of this study will then be used in constructing a much larger study of a similar nature for sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease.