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Our people

Senior Management team

Name Affiliation Position
Greg Pringle Nutrigenomics New Zealand General Manager, Nutrigenomics NZ
Lynn Ferguson University of Auckland Programme leader; Objective 2 leader; nutrition, clinical genetics
William Laing Plant & Food Research Objective 1 leader; bioinformatics, metabolomics
Nicole Roy AgResearch Objective 3 leader; animal models, genes and proteins
Nigel Perry Plant & Food Research Objective 4 leader; biomolecular discovery, food products
Barbara Stowe Plant & Food Research Business Development manager
Virginia Parslow University of Auckland Programme administrator

Work package leaders

Name Affiliation Position
Matt Barnett AgResearch Transcriptomics
Janine Cooney Plant & Food Research Proteomics
Helge Dzierzon Plant & Food Research Bioinformatics, database
Angharad Morgan University of Auckland Genetic associations
Daryl Rowan Plant & Food Research Metabolomics
Chris Triggs University of Auckland Statistics