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Professor Lynn Ferguson

Position: Head of Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences, The University of Auckland

Role in NuNZ: Programme leader, Leader: Human clinical trials

Research interests and activities

Much of Lynn’s early work was on carcinogenesis, including cancer causing and cancer preventing agents in the New Zealand diet.  In more recent years, she has considered the interplay between genes and diet in the development of chronic disease, with particular focus on Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a cancer-prone condition, and also in prostate cancer.  As programme leader for the multidisciplinary-multiorganisation Nutrigenomics New Zealand, she is working with a range of others to bring nutrigenomics tools and potential to the new Zealand science scene.


MSc (Hons) University of Auckland, New Zealand
DPhil (Oxon) University of Oxford, UK
DSc University of Auckland, New Zealand

Honours and awards

Queens Service Order
Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Science and Technology

Professional memberships

Registered nutritionist, New Zealand

Key publications

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  • Lin HM, Helsby NA, Rowan DD, Ferguson LR. Using metabolomic analysis to understand inflammatory bowel diseases. Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2011 Apr;17(4):1021-9. doi: 10.1002/ibd.21426.  PMID: 20629098 
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  • Triggs CM, Munday K, Hu R, Fraser AG, Gearry RB, Barclay ML, Ferguson LR.(2010)
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  • Ferguson LR, Han DY, Fraser AG, Huebner C, Lam WJ, Morgan AR, Duan H,
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