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Dr Nicole Roy

Position: Principal Scientist and Team Leader of Food Nutrition & Health, Food & Bio-based Products Group, AgResearch

Role in NuNZ: Leader: Model systems

Research interests and activities

Current research is on factors which affect the nutrient-gene interactions and food-microbe-host interactions that ultimately regulate supply of nutrients to tissues and to use an understanding of those processes to develop added-value innovative solutions that deliver to market opportunities.


PhD Animal Science - Nutrition & Physiology, Université Laval, Canada
MSc Animal Science - Endocrinology, Université Laval, Canada
BScA Animal Science, Université Laval, Canada

Honours and awards

2012-2015 Associate Investigator, Marsden Fund (Fast-start) award
2011; Promoted Principal Scientist
2011; Invited Expert in gut health for the SynergistixFDZ Consortium between Fonterra and Zespri
2011 Invited member to a NZ Delegation to Canada for the Canada-UK “Gut and Health Workshop" Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada February 2011
2011-2013; Invited NZ Principal Scientist for MICROGENNET IRSES proposal (7th European Framework programme, decision June 2010) to create an international, community driven knowledge base for genomics research associated with selenium and other micro-nutrients and human health
2010; Head of NZ Delegation to European Union for the EU-Canada-AU-NZ “Food and Health” workshop, Brussels, November 2010
2010; Invited member of a NZ Delegation to Canada for the Knowledge-based Biological Economy and Biocircle Events
2010-2011; Associate Investigator on an AgResearch Capability Fund (Mentoring Emerging Leader Emma Bermingham) Award
2010; Selected Member of NZ Delegation to European Union conference on Knowledge Based Bio Economy, BioCircle events in Brussels on 13-15 September 2010
2009; Awarded an AgResearch service award for exceptional team leadership.
2008-2011; Invited Expert Panellist for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada for the Integrative Animal Biology (2008-09) and Cell, Molecules & Genes (2009-11) Committees. This role is to make funding recommendations to the NSERC board
2008-2011; Associate Investigator on a Marsden Fund (Fast-start) Award - Can dietary lignans reduce abnormal cell growth?
2007-present; Board Member, Palmerston North Medical Research Foundation
2007-present; Associate Investigator in the Riddet Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) – Gastrointestinal Platform
2006; NZ Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture Science Emerging Scientist Award – Outstanding contribution to research and science leadership in the promotion of agriculture in NZ
2006-2008; Tomorrow Leaders Graduate Course (part of MBA), Corporate & Executive Education – Transforming Creativity into Wealth Module and Developing Strategic Intent
2001; Trimble Trust Agricultural Research Fellowship
1999; New Zealand Society of Animal Production – Travel Fellowship
1997-98; Laval University Postdoctoral Fellowship for Emerging Young Scientists for study at the Rowett Research Institute (UK)
1992-96; Laval University Fellowship for Outstanding PhD student
1991-93; Academic Fellowship National Sciences and Engineering Research Council Canada (NSERC) for PhD studies
1991-93; National Merit Fellowship from the “Fonds Canadien pour l’Avancement de la Recherche” (FCAR, Ranked in the Top 10 PhD Candidates) for PhD studies
1988-90; Graduate Fellowship from CORPAQ and FCAR National Merit Fellowships for MSc studies
1987-1988; Outstanding Undergraduate Award, Ralston Purina Canada Inc. and Synthex Animal Health

Professional memberships

The Nutrition Society
NZ Physiology Society
New Zealand Society of Animal Production
New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences
Canadian Society of Animal Science
International Society of Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics.

Key publications

  • Edmunds SJ, Roy NC, Love DR & Laing WA (2011). Kiwifruit extracts inhibit cytokine production by lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages and intestinal epithelial cells isolated from IL10 gene deficient mice. Cellular Immunology 270:70-79.
  • Gladine C, Roy NC, Laillet B, Rigaudière JP, Jouve C, Joly C, Park ZA, Morio-Lindore B, McNabb WC, Chardigny JM & Comte B (2011). Increasing intake of long chain omega 3 PUFA enhances lipoperoxidation and modulates hepatic gene expression in a dose-dependent manner. British Journal of Nutrition 14: 1-20.
  • Roy NC, Altermann EH, Park ZA & McNabb WC (2011). Applications of analog and next-generation transcriptomic analyses. Briefings in functional genomics and proteomics 10:135-150.
  • Ulluwishewa D, Anderson RC, McNabb WC, Wells J, Moughan PW & Roy NC (2011). Regulation of epithelial cell tight junctions by intestinal bacteria. Journal of Nutrition 141(5):769-776. Critical review, Cover image.
  • Knoch B, Barnett MPG, McNabb WC, Zhu ST, Park ZA, Khan A & Roy NC (2010). Dietary arachidonic acid-mediated effects on colon inflammation using transcriptome analysis. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 54:S62-S74. Selected for the Special Issue on Lipid and Nutrition.
  • Knoch B, Nones K, Barnett MPG, McNabb WC & Roy NC (2010). Molecular analysis of caecal microbiota of interleukin-10 gene-deficient mice during the course of intestinal inflammation. Microbiology 156:3306-3316.