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Dr Helge Dzierzon

Position: Nutrigenomics Database Manager, Plant & Food Research

Role in NuNZ: Database Manager

Research interests and activities

  • Biometry
  • Bioinformatics (NGS, Mixomics)
  • Functional Structural Plant Modelling (FSPM)


Dipl. Forstw. (eq. Master in Forestry), University of Göttingen, Germany
PhD Forestry University of Göttingen, Germany
Certificate in “Web design and Writing”, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

Honours and awards

2000 Research Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Professional memberships

International Biometric Society
New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Key publications

  • Dzierzon, H. and Mason, E.G.: Towards a nationwide growth and yield model for radiata pines in New Zealand. Canadian Journal of Forest Science, 36 (10), 2006.
  • Mason, E.G., Dzierzon, H.: Applications of modeling to vegetation management. Canadian Journal of Forest Science, 36 (10), 2006.
  • Lanwert, D., Dzierzon, H., Sloboda, B.: Elearning in Forest Science presented by a multimedia based CD, which aids the class: ‘creation of ecological models using Lindenmayer Systems and the software tool GROGRA In: Deutscher Verband Forstlicher Forschungsanstalten,
  • Sektion Forstl. Biometrie u. Informatik,  15. Tagung Freiburg 2003 / 16. Tagung Freising 2004 (in German), Edited by Wunn, U., Quednau, H. D., Die Grüne Reihe (The Green Series), Freiburg, Germany,  2004.
  • Dzierzon, H., Perttunen, J., Kurth, W., Sievänen, R. and Sloboda,B.: Enhanced possibilities for analyzing tree structures as provided by an interface between different modelling systems. Silva Fennica, 37(1): pages 31–44, 2003.
  • Dzierzon, H. and Kurth, W.: LIGNUM: A Finnish tree growth model and its interface to the French AMAPmod database. In: F. Hölker (editor) Scales, hierarchies and emergent properties in ecological models. Theorie in der Ökologie 6: pages 95–104. Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt/M., 2002.
  • Oppelt, A. L., Kurth, W., Dzierzon, H., Jentschke, G. and Godbold, D. L.: Structure and fractal dimensions of root systems of four co-occurring fruit tree species from Botswana. Ann. For. Sci. 57(5/6): pages 463–475, 2002.