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Clinical trial monitoring

We have two validated forms of biomarkers that can be utilised in clinical trial monitoring to assist clients with achieving optimal results from their trials.  The first is based on omics technologies for tracking end points of trials, and the second is based on nutritional biomarkers to ensure compliance of participants within a trial.

These two validated forms of biomarkers are based on genomic, proteomic, metabolomic or transcriptomic data. They are able to achieve the following:   

  • Novel and more sensitive results
  • Early results
  • More interpretive data
  • Flexibility
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Minimally invasive

Nutritional biomarkers – such as vitamin C for fruit and vegetable intake – are either intrinsically part of the products being investigated, or can be added, then tracked before, during and after a trial to ensure participants are eating or drinking the product.