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Over the lifetime of the programme, we have built up a database of our work.  This allows us to ensure that there is an authentic validated copy of all experimental data safely stored and a method to search the database in order to find the data.  The data ranges from genetic SNP information, transcriptomics and proteomic data from the mouse experiment, a genome browser to HTP bioassay data as well as information about food extracts and fractions.  In addition, the database helps us manage experiments by having a range of experiment trackers which tell the researchers exactly where their samples are and what measurements have been made on them.  Lastly the database also helps us collect data, in the form of questionnaires that allow us to probe the relationships between food preferences and genotype. The last important function of the database is that it can be used to prepare reports and compare experiments.

We also use a NutriWiki to store less formal data including administration documents, experimental plans and designs, information about people in the programme and agendas and minutes of meetings as well as business plans.

Both systems are maintained on secure servers with restricted access