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Food science

The Nutrigenomics New Zealand research group and their institutions can provide a wide range of food science expertise. In particular, we can develop innovative, value-added food concepts, ingredients and products, in collaboration with industry partners, based on the discoveries from this programme.  These will be tested for incorporation and stability of bioactive compounds.

Other areas of food science expertise include:

  • Up-to-date nutrient information for all sectors of the food industry through the New Zealand Food Composition Database, maintained in partnership with the Ministry of Health (
  • Evaluation of the health benefits of dietary nutrients from all New Zealand-produced foods
  • Determination of the effects of processing on food components, and the impacts of the physical properties of foods on nutrition
  • Measurement of the bioavailability of nutrients, and measurement of absorption and metabolism parameters
  • Extension of shelf life for fresh vegetables in order to maintain nutritional quality and to increase market access and export value
  • Determination of the link between loss of physical quality and senescence, and altering senescence-related gene expression to enable the development of new cultivars and breeds with extended shelf life
  • Providing scientific validation needed to make health claims for natural products containing bioactive components
  • Providing independent advice and facilitating technology transfer in the food industry in areas related to developing health-promoting products